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GesFine is a personal finance software.

Its « all in one » concept allows to manage in one place all your accounts, all your transactions and your goods, providing you with a comprehensive view of your assets.

You can develop your budget, valorize your goods (real estate or personnal), follow your portfolios, their performance, analyze the stock-exchange indicators to make at any time the best choices of management.

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Developed with innovative concepts of presentation, GesFine has been designed to satisfy all those looking for a complete information, configurable and quickly accessible.

Improved by user experience, it offers a modern financial management solution, with powerful features, while remaining adapted to the largest number.


Make the right decisions to manage your money, use GesFine!
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Find the right time to buy, sell, strengthen or reduce your positions thanks to the decision support module.
This module is available through the purchase of an annual Premium license.
More details on the download page.

Reviews and quotes

« Not easy to give up a software that I used for over 15 years. However, I wanted not to waste my precious historical. Gesfine allowed me to recover all my operations since 1999 and to enjoy a very full program. I miss nothing, it work marvelously and it exceeds by far the features which I had in MS Money. »

« This highly advanced software has the advantage of constantly evolve thanks to its designer who is listening to users. Very effective forum which always allows to obtain a fast answer to our questioning. We never feel alone in its implementation and its use. I regret not having known sooner! »